April 19th, 2010

e on ground

Weekend Roundup...

On Saturday, DH went skiing with his friends. We went to D's piano lesson, had a special lunch out at a Chinese restaurant, and then the kiddos watched a movie.

On Sunday, E and I took D up to meet DH in Dillon. DH and D went skiing at Breckinridge for the last day of the season -- D was sooooo excited :)

I had planned for E and I to walk around and take pix, but as you can see, it was a little too snowy for that.

Instead, E played at a new playground right by the east end of the lake -- it had tons of neat activities, and by the end of our time there, E was able to walk around the circular piece of equipment above, as well as twist, twirl, climb, etc on the other stuff. It was mutually beneficial, as I sat and read a book in the warm sun.

As we came up to our house on the way home, eight deer crossed in front of us, and I feared for the tulips...and yep, I was right. The tulip thieves got the final six buds (almost ready to bloom), all with fresh teeth marks. *sigh*

Oh, well -- at least we ended up with four pretty tulips ;) Happy Monday!