April 28th, 2010



We had fun at Casa Bonita last night (a special, kid-focused restaurant in the area) -- we sat right by the divers, so D was enthralled.

Of course, I had a migraine (yeesh). It's still here -- not horrible, but annoying. The worst of it was actually the pre-domo (as they technically call it), because I just can't focus on anything. I get mentally jittery, so I got no work done yesterday -- which means that today I have twice as much to do. Interestingly, even though my head hurts, I think I'll be able to focus better today and actually get it done.

And then the kids are home today (and tomorrow), as well, because of flex testing at school. I think I'm going to attempt trail running with D after his test -- I'm hoping the mild exercise and fresh air will help my head.

It's really windy here -- I forget during the winter how much wind we have in the spring. It's not my favorite thing...I like a slight breeze, teasing and caressing, but this gale stuff is kind of annoying.

I got an ARC in the mail yesterday -- The Gardener, by latteya -- I can't wait!! I'm currently reading another ARC, Jekel Loves Hyde, by Beth Fantaskey (her first book was Jessica's Guide to Dating on the Dark Side). I'm also seriously considering attending ALA again this summer...it all depends on the air travel rates. If I can find a decent deal, I'm there!! Of course, so far the rates have been really high...but I'm hoping ;) Anyone else planning to go?