May 10th, 2010


Weekend Roundup...

DH took the kiddos to D's piano lesson on Saturday, and I had the house to I cleaned ;)

When they got back, we had to leave right away to meet a friend of mine with her kiddos at my mom's gallery -- and the kiddos made Mother's Day cards.

Then my MIL was here, and she and her boyfriend took the kiddos to get ice cream (while I finished my MIL's gift -- yes, I'm the queen of procrastinating). And then I worked until almost 10.

Our brunch was lovely Sunday morning -- we ate out. Even though we had reservations, we had to wait a bit, but I didn't mind at all. The weather was gorgeous (mid-70s), and after we ate, my parents hung out for a bit and we chatted (for over an hour, in fact), which was nice. At home, DH kept the kiddos out of my hair and I got some work done (though my Adobe program is acting up, so I 'lost' some work -- *sigh*).

I got to watch TAR finale -- yay! I only watch a handful of shows every week, so I'm fairly loyal to those ;)

All in all, a nice Mother's Day weekend -- I hope the same was true for all of you!

P.S. The dog was fine, although the cat refused to come downstairs the entire time she was in the house...but we also left her outside for hours on Saturday, which I don't think thrilled my MIL's boyfriend (though he was nice enough not to say anything).
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