May 14th, 2010


Four on Friday...

1. Today is a day of meetings and school activities -- *feeble yay*

2. As my online work for this semester is slowly winding down, I'm spending a lot of time e-mailing the various students with answers to their questions about expository writing -- things like 'to be' verbs, how many details to use in a research paper, how to cite sources, and surprising basics like how many sentences should be in a reminds me, yet again, how weak the writing education in this country is, overall. I know there are probably some districts in some states which do an excellent job, but so many kids out there aren't learning anything about things I'd call 'basic'. (The good news for my kiddos is that our district is finally taking writing seriously and seems to have found a great curriculum -- it's in its infancy, but by the time D leaves elementary school, we should have a good idea if it's working or not!)

3. Warm weather has returned, but I'm afraid the tulips and daffodils had a little too much snow and we'll have to wait for the next round of flowers around here.

4. On Sunday, the kiddos want to do a 5K run/walk for school. It's a fundraiser, but I guess we're doing it (even though it seems really expensive to me). AT least the weather should be gorgeous!

Happy weekend (well, almost-weekend)!