May 17th, 2010

d bow

Weekend Roundup...

D had a playdate on Saturday, which ended interestingly (in the annoying sense for the other family) when D's friend wandered off at the store and the mom had to call mall security to help find him...good lesson for E and D about the importance of paying attention and staying with your parents!

The 5K was fun, though painful. As a trail runner, I had no idea how hard cement really after a short distance (maybe 1/2 mile of aching knees and ankles), I had to just walk. D finished after 32 minutes (the first in his class to do so), and E finished after 45 minutes. (Um, I took 54 minutes.) There were close to 300 runners/walkers -- and our neighbor finished 18th, which I thought was pretty impressive.

Teh migraine appeared by the time we reached home. It wasn't horrible, but put me off my game enough that no housework got done. And since it's still here today (and gave me fitful dreams of wandering around with a headache all night), I don't think I'll be doing much housework today, either. Oh, well.

The sun is shining, and I'm off to E's field day, headache notwithstanding -- happy Monday!

(Lilacs along the race route -- and the reason I took my camera.)