May 19th, 2010


Silly kitty...

Neko has a small, pink kitty. It used to be E's, but he stole it from her room months ago. He carries it around in his mouth and makes this chirruping sound. When he's in a playful mood, he bats it around and then licks it. He likes to sleep with the pink kitty within range of his paws. It makes me think of toddlers and their loveys, actually.

The other day, he wandered around the house making that chirruping sound interspersed with annoyed meows...and I found his kitty on top of a bookcase (courtesy of E). As soon as I got it down and tossed it to him, he laid down and pulled the kitty to his chest, purring and licking away.

Kind of makes me wish that's all I needed to be content...:)
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