May 24th, 2010

d bow

Weekend Roundup...

We had a gorgeous spring weekend here, though the wind has returned today. E and I went trail running on Friday -- she's improving each time we go!

Saturday was errand day. I got my results back from the Health Fair and learned that my thyroid has gone up another 2 points (ack). So I did some online research and went to Vitamin Cottage on Saturday to fetch a pile of supplements. Hopefully all this stuff will help, because I really don't want to take a drug!

I also hit the thrift store -- my first journey there in a long time. I ended up finding some capris for me (woot) and some camping clothes for the kiddos (yay). I met the rest of the family at Sweet Tomatoes for a late (and yummy) lunch after that. Then I had to come home and get some work done (sigh).

Yesterday was all about cleaning. (double sigh) And then more work. The good news is that I'm officially done by next weekend (though I'll still have stragglers). Not that I'm really complaining -- I do love this job :)

(I trail ran in the wind today...I'm beat!)

Happy Monday and last week of May (can you believe it???)!