May 25th, 2010

kitty content


Our kitty is a bit of a scaredy-cat. We've tried to get him outdoors a number of times, but he never wanders more than a foot away from me. Today, however, he actually went outside.

He wandered along the side of the house on our deck, sniffing away at the air. After a couple minutes, I had to leave and take the kiddos to school, but the kitty wanted to stay we left him out there. I got back 90 minutes later (gym and errands), and he was still outside.

By this time, he'd wandered away from the deck, so I searched. And searched. And called. No kitty. DH had to leave, and he suggested I try the neighbor's yard. There's a fence between us (tall, wooden), but we'd noticed a small gap between the rocks and the wood in one corner.

Sure enough, he was in the neighbor's yard -- and totally freaked out. He hissed as I approached. I finally got close enough that he could sniff at my fingers. Then I slowly walked toward our yard -- and he followed. But when I started to go round the front of the house (no gate on that side), he stopped and ran back toward the fence. At first, I thought he'd go back to the neighbor's, so I swooped him up. Big mistake!

I tossed him down (with a few bloody holes in me), and he went streaking through the gap. I went to the front door, tended to my kitty holes, and then opened the back door...and he ran inside, still looking a bit wild-eyed.

Now he's calmed down, pink kitty safely between his paws. I don't know when the next adventure will come for him, but I do know I won't be attempting anymore swooping!
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