July 1st, 2010


Thankful for...

...time to heal without kiddos (they got home yesterday evening, and by then, I'd downgraded to a 'normal' cold -- you know, sniffles and coughs, but no lightheadedness or throbbing anymore) -- thanks so much for all the good wishes and healing thoughts (they helped)!

...having the kiddos home again. It was nice to have a break, but it's also nice to have them home (even though D's complaining has already begun -- 8-year olds, yeesh!)

...feeling better and having the energy (despite very little sleep last night) to maybe clean and organize today :)

...adding another ~1500 words to the WIP yesterday, along with getting all the needed grading done

...having more ideas for additional words today -- I woke up early thinking about it, so at least there's one silver lining for not getting enough sleep, right?

...getting the lodging worked out for our family trip (even though my FIL and SIL bailed on Tuesday)

...summertime beauty