July 5th, 2010


Book Giveaway!...

I organzied my books this weekend (long overdue), and as a result, I'm giving away quite a few of them. I'll put the pictures below, and have a little 'contest' giveaway. This is how it works:

I'll mail up to four books to four different people (in the U.S. or Canada -- sorry I can't make it international :( -- maybe next time). If you're interested in any of the books below, 1) list the titles you'd like (and add a couple of extra, in case there are others who want the same books) -- and then, 2) share your top three reads so far this year (books you'd rec to anyone and everyone).

That's it. If more than four participate, I'll draw randomly from a hat :)

Here are the books (a mixture of new, book club, used, ARC, etc):

Enjoy :)