August 6th, 2010

d field day

Five on Friday...

1. The Colorado Blueboarders are meeting up today -- woot! It's been far too long since our last meet-up, so I think we'll have a rip-roaring time (heh).

2. My goal is to finish my revision (well, the first revision) by the 23rd, which is when the kiddos return to school. I think it's do-able, but it does mean I'm going to have to manage my time a little better than I have been.

3. The kiddos and are I having a 'reading day' tomorrow. I'm going to get some special treats/snacks, and we'll get out comfy blankets and all settle in to read, read, read...I have about ten books I got on hold from the library -- which means I have to read them before the three weeks are up, and a few are coming due on Monday (ack). (Do you think I have an ulterior motive here?)

4. We had all kinds of challenges with D and piano last year, so we decided -- well, mostly D decided -- that he'd take this year off. However, this summer I've been working with him, and he's doing so well! It's always pleasing to see your kiddos find talent within (and some self-discipline too)...and to want to practice and play is wonderful!

5. Have a wonderful weekend!