August 13th, 2010


Five on Friday...

1. Yep, we're off to the mountains today again. Let's hope I don't freeze my rear end's supposed to be cooler, but we're taking extra blankets and sleeping bags, so I'm hopeful.

2. *whispers* It's possible the I might be burned out on reading right now...shhhh, don't tell anyone. *regular voice* Surely it won't last long. Actually, I'm not burned out as much as I really, really want to do some comfort rereading. And you know what? I might just do that.

3. And what do I read for comfort? My first choice is almost always Tamora Pierce's Protector of the Small series. I'm taking it with me camping, I do believe. I also love Mary Stewart's books, so one of those might also come along.

4. My TBR pile is growing...which makes me feel guilty about rereading, BUT I don't want to kill my love for reading, either (not that I think that's possible). It's hard when I feel an obligation for reading (because of my book reports and my website), but hopefully I can be smart about it and accept that breaks are okay too.

5. I think this weekend would be a good one for photography too -- all those things I love and fall back on when life gets too hectic.

Happy weekend to you all (and thanks for listing some of your blessings, as well) :)