August 19th, 2010



So I experience my first ever car accident today. It was minor -- I was rear-ended at a stoplight. When the light turned green, the truck behind me moved before I did. I wasn't hurt (well, slightly -- I bumped my head on the visor), but she was driving a truck -- with a built-up metal grill thing on the front. So although she was barely moving, the back window shattered, the tailights are demolished (and don't work), and it's possible the hatch no longer opens.

Now I'm dealing with insurance issues, which should be pretty straightforward (if there is such a thing) since the other woman admitted it was her fault. I felt bad for her -- she sobbed and went into mild hysterics when we pulled off the road. A very nice woman who had a momentary just goes to show how amazing it is that this type of thing doesn't happen much more often!

And it showed me what a small world it is -- her son was following her, and he pulled over, as well (good thing -- he helped calm his mom down). He mentioned that he was only visiting for the weekend, so I asked where he was from, and he mentioned Oklahoma. Well then I told him about my SIL (who lives in OK), and that's when we learned that they're both in Lawton -- and more than that, both in the military out there (my BIL, at least). I didn't give names, but I wouldn't be surprised if he at least knew of my BIL, since he's a Major and it's not that big (I don't think)...funny how these things go.

Anyway, I told Julie (the woman who hit me) that this filled her accident quota (she'd never been in one before, either), and that it shouldn't ruin her day (she claimed it would -- she was pretty upset). The moral of this story is that I'm thankful that it wasn't more serious, thankful that I could still drive my car home (though I won't be able to drive it until it's fixed -- assuming it's worth enough to fix), thankful that neither of us were really injured, and thankful that her son was there to help out.

Oh, and DH saw a horrible car accident just the other night too -- he was front and center when a car full of teens ran a red light and was hit head-on (the other car was turning). The car with the teens in it flew up into the air and flipped over -- but DH said all four were able to crawl out the window.

So stay safe out there!