August 20th, 2010


Five on Friday...

1. Other than my sore forehead, I have no ill effects from the minor accident yesterday -- I'm still feeling very fortunate!

2. The kiddos have an open house at school, and then classes begin on Monday. Where did the summer go? (Not that I'm not ready, btw...the bickering increased quite a bit these past couple of weeks.)

3. DH is planning yet another mtn biking trip (which is good for him, but not as fun for me) -- but this weekend is all mine! I get to do my own thing, wander, write, read -- and he'll take over house/kiddos/everything else :)

4. Because of #3, today is big-time cleaning day. If I don't do it now, it'll be hanging over my head and I won't have nearly as much fun. So I'm gearing up...

5. What big plans do you have for this weekend? Anything extra fun?
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