September 27th, 2010

ellie bike

Weekend Roundup...

It was a pretty low key weekend -- well, other than the 8 hours of test driving cars. D threatened to seriously rebel if we took him away from his Broncos' game yesterday, so we did the test driving on Saturday. The good part of it came when DH took the kiddos to his uncle's Saturday night, and I stayed home. I had to work, but it felt so good to be alone in a quiet house...

Last night we had dinner at my FIL's -- it was delicious, as always (he's a great cook). I guess the dinner I missed Saturday night was also amazing (my MIL's side of the family).

We don't have a car yet to replace my totalled car -- but we're much closer. Hopefully by next weekend or, I think we're going to replace DH's car, as well. It's a '95 Subaru, and although it still runs, we're not convinced it will make it through the winter, and I guess now is a better time to be buying than three months from now?

I started my fall/winter crocheting projects this weekend too -- it feels so good to be working with yarn again :)

Enjoy the last few days of September (sob) -- this month always goes far too quickly!