September 30th, 2010

glorious fall

Thankful for...

...the chiropractor, who confirmed there's no nerve damage in my shoulder/arm (I'm having numb-hand syndrome in my left hand -- and a little in my right) -- we think it might have been caused (originally) by the rear-ending, but it didn't really show up until the past week. My left shoulder area is 'locked up' -- which means I have to go back on Saturday (after some icing and exercises) to have him knock everything back into place...we hope ;) today. My first time to a group class, so I'm a little nervous that I'll end up being comic relief -- but I'll definitely be in the back!

...I should be getting our new laptop today -- yay! Now we can load our work stuff on it and not be trapped in the office all the time.

...each day is a new day. The stresses of yesterday don't necessarily carry over (if I work at it, heh) -- so here's to another start.

Happy last day of September!