October 26th, 2010

glorious fall

I'll fly away...

...because the wind is ridiculous right now. It started mid-day yesterday, and by last night, it was blowing so hard that we felt our bed shaking all night long (yes, loads of fun and very little sleep). The good news is that the insurance adjustor for our home was already scheduled to come out this morning (one last chance for our roof) -- and our roof was destroyed. I mean, that's not really good, but the timing was good. It looks like (let's hope!) we'll be getting a new roof, completely covered by insurance. (We woke up to shakes all over our lawn, btw).

...and so will the computer. Power has been in and out (another joy of heavy wind), and I'm hoping my computer won't fritz. I have a surge protector (kind of) -- so I'm hoping it holds.

...to a land where my mind works, ha! My brain is not functioning right now. Yeesh! And today was my volunteering day in D's math class -- the kids kept asking me all these multiplication problems (two digit times one digit) -- and I should have known them, but I was struggling. Oh, well (sigh). At least D was at the back table with me half the time, and he answered all of them (without even pausing -- good thing he gets his math skills from his dad!).

Hope your day isn't as blustery as mine!
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