October 29th, 2010


Five on Friday...

1. Well, the wind blew away most of the leaves, though we still have green trees here and there (funny).

2. D had a huge emotional meltdown this morning -- triggered by his costume, of all things. *sigh* He decided he had to look more like Aang (the last airbender) than he was. He seriously asked if he could shave his head. Um, no.

3. But...once I got him to admit he was overreacting (and he went to school with at least a hint of a smile on his face), I went out and got some flesh-colored yarn and crocheted him a skull-cap -- and added a blue arrow. So he can almost look bald ;) (He won't know about this until I show up at the party with his costume -- hopefully it will be a good surprise and won't add to the angst.)

4. Speaking of parties, somehow I ended up in charge of pix for both kids' classes -- and the parties are at the same time. Hm...at least I have an excuse not to do anything else ;)

5. There might be good news in the case of the stink in E's room -- once we moved all her blankets (which were half on the floor and half on the bed), I noticed that the room didn't smell anymore. So I smelled the blankets -- and whoa! I'm hoping they were the source of the mildew-y smell, and I washed them all thoroughly yesterday (with vinegar and baking soda thrown in) -- we'll see if that takes care of it (we hope, we hope, we hope).

Happy Halloween weekend!
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