November 19th, 2010

kitty content

Five on Friday...

1. Yep, the kitty's still missing. D is handling it better than I thought he would...I hope that continues! (E doesn't really care, interestingly enough -- I never cared much as a kid, either.)

2. I just saw HP7 -- I won't spoil anything (can you spoil it when the book's been out for over three years?) -- but I will say that it's good! In fact, I think it follows the book better than any of the other movies (as it should, seeing as how they'll probably have a good five hours with the two movies combined). It's very emotional -- I think they set the mood really well...I didn't cry as much as I thought I would, though. In fact, other than a few tears near the beginning, I didn't cry at all (though I definitely got choked up a number of times). How long until July???

3. I'm helping at the book fair again today. Maybe I should leave my wallet at home this time ;)

4. I found a cavity yesterday :( I strongly dislike going to the dentist, but last night, I gave myself a stern talking to. I realized that although dentist=pain, it's not like it will last as long as a migraine. And the worst migraines are definitely worse than getting a filling will be (even though Novocaine does NOTHING for me -- they might as well just spray or shoot water into my gums). *sigh* Anyway, I'm not thrilled, of course, but I'm also not so panicked that I'm falling apart. (We'll see how I'm doing the day of, however.)

5. I'm so glad it's Friday -- what with the tough Monday (with D) and the missing kitty on Wednesday (not to mention the upcoming dental visit), I'm wiped!

Have a great weekend!