December 9th, 2010

deer faces

Thankful for...

...the balmy weather. D is unhappy with no snow, but I'm loving this!

...good teachers. Although E's regular classroom teacher is so-so, her 'extra' class is great, and D's teacher is WONDERFUL.

...sleep. I don't seem to get enough of it, but I'm glad I have a comfy (and warm) bed and opps to actually try and sleep. Yeah, it seems like I never have time to get other stuff done, but I do enjoy my job, and having the chance to get paid for something I like is always good!

...books. When I read great books, it renews my love of writing, as well. (Now, if only I could find time to do that writing.)

...the usual suspects: family, friends, health, life. Yeah, it's all good.

Happy Thursday to you, my friends!