December 28th, 2010


Top Five, Book Four...

We've reached the final five of the Top Fifteen countdown, and I have to say, other than number one (which really appears to have been written just for me), these are all amazing books! It's really just a cluster of book love here ;) I don't own all of these yet, but I will -- they're at the top of my To-Buy list, and they will all be oft-read!

Here's number four:

veil of nightVeil of Night, by Linda Howard
Why do I love this? For my only adult pick, this book has so many things I really love when I'm trying to just relax and be entertained. First, the MC is strong and savvy. She's not a wimp; she's intelligent; she stands up for herself, but she's not a b*tch about it. Second, the romantic interest is very male (hehe). Don't get me wrong -- I like sensitive guys too, but there's something about an alpha male being sensitive and overwhelmed by a woman -- that's definitely what I enjoy in romantic tension. Third, it's fun. Yeah, there's humor, but the story (plotline) itself is just plain fun.
The story: Jaclyn is an events coordinator with her mom, and this time of year, that means weddings. When Jaclyn's least favorite client is murdered minutes after she publicly attacks Jaclyn, J is the prime suspect...and the detective put on the case is the one J had a one-night stand with -- oops.
I'd recommend this to any older teen or adult who enjoys fun romantic suspense (and the sex scenes aren't too many, either -- maybe two in the whole book -- but the sexual tension is great!)