December 29th, 2010

deer winter

Top Five, Book Three...

We've reached the final five of the Top Fifteen countdown, and I have to say, other than number one (which really appears to have been written just for me), these are all amazing books! It's really just a cluster of book love here ;) I don't own all of these yet, but I will -- they're at the top of my To-Buy list, and they will all be oft-read!

Here's number three:

body finderThe Body Finder, by Kimberly Derting
Why did I love this? It's one of the few (that I've discovered, anyway) romantic suspense books for teens. I liked the mystery (even though I had my suspicions); I loved the romance; I liked the paranormal aspects. I can't wait for the next one (which, I believe, I'll be getting at ALA next weekend -- woot!).
The story: Violet can sense death, and when she finds the body of a girl from her town, soon everyone is worried about the murderer on the loose. Violet realizes she might be able to sense the killer, as well, but her parents and her best friend (Jay, whom Violet is slowly realizing she has more than friendly feelings toward) are worried about her safety. Indeed, they should be, as the killer soon discovers she's a threat.
I'd recommend this to anyone who likes romantic suspense.