December 30th, 2010

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Top Five, Book Two...

We've reached the final five of the Top Fifteen countdown, and I have to say, other than number one (which really appears to have been written just for me), these are all amazing books! It's really just a cluster of book love here ;) I don't own all of these yet, but I will -- they're at the top of my To-Buy list, and they will all be oft-read!

Here's number two:

raised by wolvesRaised by Wolves, by Jennifer Lynn Barnes jenlyn_b
Why did I love this? It's truly a feel-good story. I enjoyed the mystery, and I loved the sweet romance between Bryn and Chase. Like many of Barnes' characters, Bryn is strong and sweet together, and I definitely like that. Chase is also very sweet, and the two of them together make a great couple! Of course, there's tension, as well, and the story was compelling.
The story: Bryn lives with wolves -- werewolves, that is. Her parents were killed in front of her when she was small, and she was adopted by the alpha of the pack. But things are changing, and the new boy in town, Chase, is proof of that change. Not only that, but he seems to know something about her parents, and Bryn is determined to learn all she can -- even if it alters everything.
I'd recommend this to any teen girl who likes romance and a thrilling story. (And really, I'd recommend it to anyone, hehe.)