January 14th, 2011

d bow

Five on Friday...

1. DH's b-day is tomorrow, and he's going skiing. I got him a small point-and-shoot camera (which I then took with me to ALA), so he's getting it kind of used ;) But I'm hoping he'll use it to take pix of skiing, since I never get to see any.

2. The kiddos have no school today, so I'll be attempting to get things done while corralling them.

3. As I lay in bed this morning (the benefit of school being out), I thought again about living each moment...not worrying about the moment after that, but just living in the here and now.

4. The kitty is not quite sure what to do with the winter weather. He's active, but going outside in the cold doesn't seem to appeal to him. So instead, he's creating havoc throughout our house (yeesh).

5. Today is housecleaning day (woo-hoo...not). It's kind of a mess. Okay, more than kind of. I have to remind myself of how good it'll feel to have it done, or I'll never actually work on it.

Happy Friday, my friends -- here's to a beautiful moment, one after another.
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