January 17th, 2011


Weekend Roundup...

...the kiddos have a four-day weekend, so I didn't get a ton done, but --

...the house is now clean (well, it was for a brief time)

...I'm finishing up my last class (my next one begins on Thursday)

...I managed to finally find the flow for my next WIP; I'd tried three other times, and I just couldn't get the feel I wanted. Now I have one whole chapter down (whew), and I think I'll be able to continue from here to stumble my way through the first draft

...I'm hoping to spend some time today reading (perhaps while E goes to a b-day party)

...most importantly, I think DH had a great b-day (he skied Sat and is skiing again today), so that's the best part :D

Happy MLK, Jr day -- let freedom (regardless of race, sexual orientation, gender, etc) rule in your life today!