January 31st, 2011

pine snow

Weekend Roundup...

...D's team won their game Friday night, and they played awfully well (as a team) doing it. Plus, D got two baskets, so he was excited (he was one of four team members to score).

...we went out to dinner Friday night (after the game) and Saturday night, as well (with my MIL and her boyfriend). It was nice not having to cook!

...after the balmy, spring-like weather, we were plunged back into winter this morning. It's snowing and really cold, and tomorrow, the high is supposed to be -1. They've already cancelled school, although the kiddos went today.

...after two nights of very poor sleep (not sure why -- just one of those things, I suspect), I'm looking forward to a more relaxed morning tomorrow!

Stay warm, and have a good rest of your Monday!
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