February 1st, 2011

deer winter

Snow day...

...and the kiddos have to add an extra day at the end of the year (which is pretty ridiculous, don't you think?) We're not even supposed to reach zero today, and there's a definite chill anytime we sit down and aren't moving. The kitty is going crazy. He wants to be outside desperately, but the cold is thwarting him. So he's pacing and biting and meowing -- and driving me crazy!

I'm so thankful for heat and shelter today. We heard they've set up some kind of emergency shelter for the homeless -- and they were going to go around and try and gather those up who might be too 'under the influence' of something to notice that they were slowly freezing to death. I'm hoping for safety for every one of the people who are without regular shelter today!

I know there are places where this is the norm for all of winter -- I'm so not a cold weather person. I can't imagine dealing with this level of chill for months at a time. I could much easier live in extreme heat than this! But for a day or two, I will survive :)

There was a winter when I was in college where we had ten days in a row at below-zero temps. We lived in an apartment with a sliding glass door for our entrance, and we had to use our hair dryers every morning to thaw the ice enough to get it open. All of us wore tons of layers, and we'd walk to school like mummies and then put our many layers in a locker. Funny how we didn't think twice about it. DH doesn't even remember it that well, because he was up skiing! (And who would ski in those kinds of temps, anyway??) (Um, he's NOT skiing today.)

Anyway, hope you're warm and cozy and having a good Tuesday!