February 2nd, 2011

pine snow

Deep freeze...

As so many are experiencing, it's COLD out there! They called school again, since the forecast was for negative teens (-30 windchill). And our pipes froze.

Fortunately, DH and his handy hair dryer took care of that before any bursting or leaking (whew). Our neighbors had their pipes freeze a few weeks ago. They went on a trip and turned off their heat (accidentally) -- and when they came home, their entire basement had flooded and burst pipes in the laundry room ruined their hard wood floors on the main level. Fun times.

Today, it's supposed to get above zero -- heat wave! And tomorrow, they're saying it'll be above freezing (with snow, to boot). It's always rough when school is called for frigid temps because the kiddos can't go outside to play. And the kitty is losing his mind!

However, I'm so thankful that we have a warm, safe house (and no broken pipes) -- we have electricity and even with a bit of restlessness, things are good (and the sun is shining).

Stay warm, all!
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