March 7th, 2011

deer winter

Weekend Roundup...

...ever have one of those weekends where it just seems to fade into oblivion (even by Monday)? That was this one...

...however, I do remember having a *discussion* with DH on Saturday. It's been a rough year for us in a couple of ways, but I think we made some ground this weekend. Time will tell :)

...we went to my parents' for brunch yesterday, and poor DH was completely fed up with my niece before noon. We usually stay a bit longer, but he was soooo ready to go. (She was a little on the hyper side, and our kiddos kind of fed off that -- strange how they calmed down the second we got in the car.)

... ... Yeah, can't think of anything else. It's cold and snowy again (though only a dusting and some serious ice) -- come on, Spring!
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