March 11th, 2011


Four on Friday (the good news-still version)...

1. Oi vey...the wind. I love spring in CO, but the wind can be overwhelming at times, especially where we live. It gusted all night long, shaking out doors (and making them rattle). The good news is that with a non-shake roof (finally), it doesn't feel like the house is going to lift off. Still, neither DH nor I slept much at all (sigh).

2. Last night (and evening), I was feeling very irritated, touchy, itchy-in-my-own-skin -- and then, the exhaustion hit. I suspected it was a migraine, and by the time I crawled up to bed, the right side of my hide was throbbing. So I took some Excedrin, and I was able to sleep -- well, until the wind woke me up ;) The good news is that I think the thyroid stuff is helping (as the migraines aren't bad, pain-wise, and they don't seem to last very long). Still, I think it's time for another trip to my acupuncturist.

3. I'm coming to the end of one session of class -- and starting the next. The good news is that I saw a huge improvement (I'm hoping it has something to do with the detailed notes I included with each assignment). Still, I had one student try to write an entire paper about a potato -- and I'm feeling a bit burned out.

4. Scenes from three days ago:

The good news is that all the snow is gone now (and we're expecting close to seventy degrees today). Still, the wind...:)

Hope your weekend is filled with good news and not so much *still*!