May 5th, 2011


Thankful for...

It's Teacher Appreciation week at our neighborhood school, and today, I'm truly thankful for teachers.

There are always going to be those teachers which your kiddos (or the parents) don't quite click with, but for the most part, teachers are hard working, caring, creative individuals who do everything they can to insure that kids learn.

We've been quite fortunate with our teachers. Even E's this year (who has done very little teaching in academic areas) has her positive side (in that E really likes her and thus really likes school -- that's pretty huge). D's teacher this year is the best he's had yet (which is saying a lot, since he's had great teachers), and I wish we could just bundle her up and take her with us as D goes through the rest of elementary school ;)

So for all of you out there who teach (or who have taught), I'm sending out huge thankful vibes and thoughts -- you bless all of us!!