May 6th, 2011

ellie bike

Four on Friday...

1. I've had four nights in a row with very little sleep, and I'm running fumes -- and very frustrated, because when this type of thing happens (with me), it's hard to break out of it. I've decided that if I don't sleep again tonight, I'm going to cave and buy OTC sleep aids.

2. Add to #1, I have a migraine today (sigh) -- it's not horrible, but it's annoying.

3. Okay, for the good news portion: yoga was again wonderful :D

4. D is having his first sleepover with his best friend tonight. E and I are going to a movie (with one of my dear friends) as a girls' night consolation (she was pretty upset when she realized she didn't get to do the sleepover too).

Happy Mother's Day weekend!