May 13th, 2011


Five on Friday...

1. We are finally working on our bathroom. I mentioned months ago (it's been nine months, I think) that we were having mold issues -- well, this week, the work began. Right now, we have the new drywall (with some kind of special stuff -- cement?) in place. Now the tiling fun begins :) And all the mold is out of the house!

2. It's been a rainy week here -- today's the first day we've seen sunshine and blue sky for a few days. Of course, it was so warm last weekend that we can't really complain...

3. School is winding down, which means things are busier than ever. On top of all that, I'm trying to get some things in place for the beginning of next year. It's no wonder that when summer break finally arrives, I can't quite contemplate putting the kids in any activities -- it's just too much!

4. I'm so glad I have yoga this morning.

5. I'm also going to head over to B&N and do some writing -- yay!

Happy weekend!