May 18th, 2011


Teh busyness...

Yeesh. I wonder if there's a conspiracy to make this time of year so ridiculously busy so that we'll be nothing but relieved when summer break finally comes (rather than stressing about having the kiddos around all day).

Today's a half day. Yesterday, I had a meeting that lasted almost two hours longer than they usually last. Friday is the Volunteer Tea (which, thankfully, I only have to attend rather than plan). Sunday is the school's fun run (which I still haven't signed the kiddos up for -- but I will!).

I ended up as the head of the directory committee (not quite sure how that happened) for next year, which means I'll be entering the 600+ students' (and their families') information into a database (which, for some strange reason, hasn't been built yet -- after five or six years of having a directory) -- and right now, we're trying to get that database established.

I'm also creating an Animoto presentation for registration (which, granted, isn't until August -- but I have to run it by our principal and PTA president, so I need to get working on it). And I'm helping to tally some student lists of activities (things they participated in last year), which isn't hard at all but will be time-consuming.

And then, I volunteered (because I'm an idiot, apparently) to start a volunteer training program at our school. Our first session will be after the Back To School nights in August -- but we have to have it all in place and written up well before yeah.

I'm also trying to put together a couple of picture collages for the end of the year (which is the 31st) -- so I'm in that stage where I'm just staring at the wall (or my computer screen) and blinking in shock. I haven't actually started anything yet, because it's too overwhelming.

My plan for today? Well, first I'm going to head off to the gym (because I definitely need that!); then I'm going up to visit one of my closest friends and her daughter (the kiddos are coming with me -- half day today); and then I'll come home and finish up the work which got in on time (the session ends tomorrow, but I have about a dozen students who haven't turned in their final paper yet).


Happy Wednesday :)