May 20th, 2011

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Friday Five...

1. Today was the Volunteer Tea, and because we have an active (large) and generous (successful) PTA, all of us on the PTA Board got a $50 gift card :)

2. I used some of #1 to buy some crafts and artsy things for summer activities -- I always feel better when I have loose plans like that. Time to make my summer schedule (D especially likes having a schedule).

3. The sun poked out for a bit this morning -- it's almost sunny right now, but they're calling for more rain later this afternoon. The fun run is on Sunday, and we're signed up...I'm hoping it won't be a wet run :p.

4. My SIL and niece are supposedly almost here (they live in OK) for a U2/Fray concert (tomorrow night). They called while on the road last night, but we haven't heard from them since. My SIL volunteered my FIL to cook for everyone tonight (he's so patient with that, it amazes me). I, however, am taking one of my dear friends out for dinner for her b-day -- yay!

5. Speaking of the Fray, I think I've mentioned before that I taught the drummer (Ben Wysocki) when he was in 3rd grade! It's shocking to realize that he was the same age as D is now (ack), and when I first saw a picture of the band, I didn't even recognize Ben (except that he looks a lot like his dad -- with his mom's eyes, that is). I've seen his parents semi-recently (they work with good friends of mine who run a video company) at a writing conference -- small world :) My SIL asked me if I could get Ben's, I kinda doubt it, since I'm guessing he doesn't even remember his third grade teacher (he was homeschooled at the time and only came into school for a couple hours a week).

Well, that's my exciting news -- have a great (and hopefully dry) weekend!