May 27th, 2011

ellie bike

Four on Friday...

1. E was very disappointed when I told her today WASN'T the last day of school -- somehow, she'd be under the impression that it was. However, their last day is nominal, and other than final report cards, they'll be doing nothing other than partying ;)

2. I made my summer schedule yesterday. I don't know how long we'll stick to it, but I feel calmer knowing it's on paper. Plus, D will be glad to see it (he must get that from me, I guess...I do handle having some sort of schedule better than just nothing. In fact, when I was a teenager -- probably junior high -- I remember making a schedule for my vacations which involved a ton of reading, because I couldn't handle the hours and hours of 'free' time).

3. I'm going through a weird phase in my reading right now. Nothing sounds that exciting to me, and I'm staring at all these great books I have without really wanting to open any of them. So I might be doing some rereading for a bit...

4. DH and I officially started dating on Memorial Day in '98. I always think fondly of this weekend because of that :) (I bet he doesn't even remember it, however.) We were supposed to get together -- and he was going to call me. When 11 am rolled around and I still hadn't heard from him, I called him -- and got his answering machine, which said, "If this is Robin..." and then went on to offer reasons why he wasn't at home (visiting with his grandma) and when he would return because he really did want to spend time with me. :) It all worked out (ha).

Happy Memorial Day weekend!!