June 3rd, 2011


Five on Friday...

1. Our bathroom(s) are almost done...today the counter guy is coming and doing half the counters (well, complete counters in half the bathrooms), and next week, the backsplash in our bathroom will be done too (I hope). Here are before and after pix of the shower:

2. Yoga was wonderful (as always), and while laying there at the end, I got an idea for how to rewrite the latest chapter in my WIP -- which is good, since I'm NOT happy with the current chapter...yay :)

3. E's piano recital is tomorrow. This will be the first year that she gets to play and D doesn't (he quit after last year, although he still plays from time to time). We'll see how he handles that...

4. They were predicting record heat for this week -- and it never really happened. Yesterday got quite warm, but with the breeze, I didn't feel it. Today, it's already ten degrees cooler (though sunny, so nice).

5. We begin our summer 'schedule' next week -- the kids are excited, but I'm not sure how long their excitement will last. Still, it's something, right? :)

Happy Friday!