June 7th, 2011


Tolle Tuesday...

This freedom...comes as a stillness, a subtle peace deep within you, even in the face of something seemingly bad. This, too, will pass. Suddenly, there is space around the event. There is also space around the emotional highs and lows, even around pain.

For me, this idea is definitely something which grows with practice. It's something I continually work on, especially with feelings of irritation and annoyance, which are my most prevalent emotions (sigh). Sadly, I usually forget while I'm actually frustrated with something (or more likely, someone) -- but I'm hoping that if I can remind myself often, even when it's after the fact, that eventually, I'll learn to create this space in the midst of it, as well.

Overall, though, I'm a fairly peaceful person -- and I think the idea of space and stillness (and definitely: this too shall pass) -- has made me that way. Of course, faith also plays a huge role in this. When you have a solid belief which can't be shaken, it's much easier to allow space to come in and take over.

Where will you find/need space today?