July 8th, 2011


Friday Five...

1. We're going to attempt camping this weekend, but we're a little leery, as rain is in the forecast (and it dumped last evening -- to the point that parts of Denver got feet and were submerged).

2. I'm slowly catching up with everything -- really slowly :)

3. Last summer, I was rear-ended (which totalled our car and resulted in our new Subaru). It caused something in my left shoulder, and I had to go to a chiropractor to get it 'fixed' -- well, it's back. I think it was triggered (caused) by all the driving I did in CA. The seat belt didn't fit quite right, and it was really bothering my shoulder by the end of the trip...and now I have the same numbness in my forearm that I had last August and September. *sigh* I'm not a fan of the chiropractor, and I'm hoping I can do something (exercises?) at home to take care of it this time...

4. The kitty is returning to normal. We hope our short camping spree won't set him off again. It'll only be 48 hours (or less), so I think he'll be okay. I imagine I'll worry about him a little, though.

Still reveling in the memories of our time with family. This picture is my mom and her sister -- and the two daughters (cousins), me and T. T (as you might guess) is half Puerto-Rican (or maybe Spanish -- her dad's family didn't keep good records, and the people who knew where they originally came from are gone). Growing up, I always felt like an Amazon when the group of us five cousins took pix together -- T and both her sibs are on the short side. These days, my brother is taller than I am, but when we were young, I was the only standout. :)

Happy weekend!