July 11th, 2011


Weekend Roundup...

...well, the camping was a success! Although it was forecasted to rain, we saw very little actual precip. And the forecast apparently kept people away -- it was the quietest we've ever seen it :) The kiddos seemed to have a great time, and I even got a little more sleep than usual.

...DH's desktop monitor bit the dust this weekend. It's been on its last legs for a while now, and it finally gave it up. This means he's using my monitor, and I've been relegated to my laptop. That's not really a problem, except that I keep discovering things I need from my desktop -- so I'm having to be creative.

...E's swimming lessons started today, and although she can kind of do the crawl, the other strokes are definitely brand new. I hope she keeps trying and manages to learn some of them ;)

Happy Monday!