July 22nd, 2011


Four on Friday...

1. We went around gathering school supplies today -- kind of. For some reason, our school is the only school in the area (out of probably ten schools?) which still hasn't put out the supply list. And now is when all the sales are happening, so I'm not a happy camper. I suspect the 'powers that be' don't realize that so many of us shop the sales. I seldom spend more than $10/kid on supplies -- all because of shopping around the sales.

2. It's hot. 'Nuff said *sigh*.

3. D finished up flag football camp today, and the coaches mentioned he has 'good hands' and should play receiver. That made D happy -- but it's hard to find actual flag football teams in this area, so...

4. IKEA opens in Denver next week, and my FIL got a special pass to go tomorrow (he was the printer/mailer for their PR stuff) -- and he invited us! I'm so excited :D I think I'm more excited about IKEA than about our 25th reunion (which is this weekend, as well). *squee*

Happy weekend!