July 29th, 2011


Friday Five...

1. Did anyone see this? Unbelievable...

I'm so thankful for this kind of access to talent, beauty, creativity, wonder...

2. This has been some kind of week for LJ, no? I tried numerous times to post on Weds and Thurs, and I finally just gave up. I'm hoping they truly are fixing it!

3. We had planned to go to Crested Butte this weekend, but our neighbors (who'd invited us to stay in their condo) also invited a couple of other people, and the schedule got messed up -- so we were uninvited (oops). We don't really mind. I feel like we've been on hyper-drive all month, and I'm ready for a break!

4. Of course, my MIL is coming today (she called last night) -- so it won't be a total break. BUT, we'll make do, no?

5. My SIL just moved to Hawaii (well, she moved about a month ago, but this week, her daughter finally joined them). We're talking about finding a way to go out there next summer and visit...I've never been before, so I think that's a great idea! :)

Happy last days of July!