August 3rd, 2011


Places which belong to me...

I was thinking today about places which are familiar to me, and I realized that my list is probably pretty short. By familiar, I mean a place where you've (I've) spent enough time to actually feel as though it belongs to me and I belong to here's my short list:

1. Arvada, CO
2. Golden, CO
3. Boulder, CO
4. South Park (and surrounding area), CO
5. Estes Park, CO (and much of Rocky Mtn National Park)
6. San Diego, CA
7. El Cajon, CA
8. Alpine, CA
9. Chula Vista, CA
10. Moab, UT
11. Catalina Island, CA
12. A small part of London (area surrounding Kensington Gardens -- Queensway)
13. Cody, WY (and parts of Yellowstone)

These are all places that I can picture in great detail when I close my eyes -- places where I could find my way around without a map :)

How about you? Those of you who've lived all over must have such a huge range in your mind!
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