August 8th, 2011

kitty content

Weekend roundup...

...poor DH spent hours at his dad's Saturday installing a toilet (a job he thought would be easy -- not!). E and I cleaned out the storage room (loads of fun).

...we had brunch at my parents' house (we try to do that once a month) yesterday morning. It was a fun time, and D even got to play Clue, which is rare (since it's such a long game).

...DH got to ride (finally) yesterday, and it sounded like it was a great time. Now he's under huge pressure to finish everything so he can go on the annual guys' camping trip (they typically leave on Thursday).

...I spent the morning (until early afternoon) at school. We're two weeks out, and the madness has already begun (sigh).

...I took some time on Saturday to update my other website -- and now I have an entire page for D's book recs: Here, on Robin Reads 'n' Writes. I'll try to keep that updated too (because, you know, I need more to do -- ha!).

Happy Monday :)