August 26th, 2011

d bow

Five on Friday...

1. Our electricity went out last evening/night for four hours! We're lucky we have a gas stove, so we could cook anyway...but it was a very cloudy night (had nothing to do with the power outage, which sounded like it was planned -- though no one told us, of course), and we were all reading in the dark with our flashlights before it was over.

2. Today is the first day off of school -- flex testing day. It felt good to lay in bed this morning, but then I got up for yoga.

3. Yoga was awesome today!!

4. I feel like my engine is still warming up. It's hard to get back into school mode after the freedom of summer.

5. The heat just keeps on coming -- but at least we're not dealing with hurricanes (stay safe, to all of you on the east coast)!

Happy last weekend (ack) in August!