August 29th, 2011


Weekend Roundup...

...I got to attend my mom's art opening on Saturday, as planned. It was not only interesting (and cool) to see her work on the walls, but I also saw my FIL and SIL (this is DH's half sister), my mom's chiropractor and his wife (who's worked on me before too), and some friends I did RFKC (a camp for fostered and abused kids) with. Plus, my dear friend came down, as well -- so it was neat.

...Sat. night, DH walked with the kiddos down to the Turtle Fest, which they hold every year in the middle of our neighborhood. They always have a band, and the food has gotten a little more elaborate each year, as well. This year, they apparently had a couple of restaurant owners in the area with booths, and DH said the food was great. The kids ran around and played, as they utilize a small grassy area along with closing all the streets (though they keep a path open for cars which need to get in and out). All in all, I think they had a great time, and I enjoyed some peace and quiet.

...yesterday, DH had to set up his computer. Thick clouds of tension and frustration billowed from the office...and they're still hanging around today. I'm trying to be helpful without actually getting too close ;) As I told my dad, DH has the 'gift' of procrastination, and had he done this six weeks ago (when he first bought the computer and had little to do), it wouldn't have been as stressful. But it's not like I never procrastinate, either (ha).

...tonight's my first volunteer trainings. I think it'll be kind of fun, but I'm a little nervous because I don't know what the other woman is going to say. I typed up her information, but she could vary from that or change it, and I'd have no way to know until something comes out of her mouth. It's kind of my responsibility, so that makes for a little wariness on my part. I think our principal is a little nervous too (this other mom is a lovely person, but she's a touch impulsive and feels very passionate about some things).

Happy Monday! (Can you believe August is almost over?) What was the best part of your weekend?