September 1st, 2011

glorious fall

Thankful for...

...the end being in sight. I have one last big meeting tonight, and then we're down to the normal meeting for the school year. I still have to finish another big project, but we've already made inroads, so I'm feeling good. *whew*

...the upcoming three-day weekend -- I can't wait for some sleep! I slept through my alarm this morning, and as a result, I was rushing around all over the place. (The kids did make the bus, however -- another thing to be thankful for).

...all my wonderful writing friends -- thank you SO much for your thoughts and insights this week. It's given me a ton to work with, and I feel like I have a clearer picture of what the query should be -- THANK YOU!

...a cooler morning. Not cool enough for a sweat shirt or anything, but it makes me think we might actually see fall :)

...Autumn, favorite time of year. I can't wait to start the color watch, and the possibilities for pictures are calling out to me. In fact, I'm hoping to make the annual Mt. Evans run this weekend (which will be a week earlier than usual, so maybe we'll get all the way to the top)!

(The northeast view from Summit Lake, right below Mt. Evans)

...September -- my favorite month in my favorite season :) Let the good times roll!