September 21st, 2011

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Middling on challenges...

I like to watch and see how challenges change through our lives. When I was working with E's class yesterday, I saw the challenges the students faced (as many of them can't hear the difference between long and short vowels). I saw the huge challenge her teacher faces in trying to bring these students up to speed (2nd grade and still struggling with vowels?).

For me, there are a number of challenges right now. I'm struggling to complete my final project for school (the directory), and added to the frustrations of not knowing the software very well (we're using Excel, which I never use), the migraine made it interesting -- for those of you who don't get migraines, it's hard to think when you have them. Even before and after (technically called prodrome and postdrome), I have brain sluggishness. It's almost like I can feel my brain trying to make connections. Today, I'm at the end of the pain (kind of -- it's still achey and tight, but it's definitely easing), but the postdromal sluggishness is its own pain ;)

Another challenge is work. I'm delighted to have a full roster, but with the additional school stuff, it's made for a busy and long couple of days. My work weeks run from Thursday through Wednesday, so I'm needing to complete everything today.

Then there's the continuing challenge in writing and pursuing publication. That's been put on the back burner for me, but I'm still plugging away...I'm almost done with my current revision, and then I'll be querying and starting a new project.

Added to those are the everyday challenges of being a good mom. I so enjoy my kiddos, but there are always times when being a loving and patient mom are more challenging than other times (and yeah, pain doesn't help).

Even on normal days, balancing mom-hood, school volunteering/responsibilites, writing, and work is a challenge, and it's one that most women face (even though without kids tend to have a lot on their plates). I suspect these challenges are what make our lives so blessed, in the long run...right?

What challenges are you facing today?