September 30th, 2011

e on ground

Five on Friday...

1. I love how Life balances things -- a rough week stress-wise is also a week of amazing beauty :)

2. My big school project gets back from the printers this weekend -- so it will be DONE by Monday (I'm beyond relieved to have this off my plate)!

3. DH is taking the kiddos the a 'Take Your Kid Mountain Biking' trail-riding tomorrow -- E is especially excited (it's her first one; D's done it before).

4. One of my dear friends is taking me out tonight (late b-day); it should be a relaxing and enjoyable evening -- adult time!

5. Today, I'm going to do some writing...I've had to neglect that for almost two weeks now, and I'm a little restless. Time to get back to it :)

Have a wonderful final day of September (so sad to see my favorite month leave -- but it's only for a year, no?)!