October 17th, 2011

single deer

Weekend Roundup...

...this weekend was all about work -- but I got it done :) I still have some for this week, of course, but I did the bulk of it throughout the weekend, so I'm feeling good!

...I also had a nice time with my parents (and the kiddos) on Saturday night and yesterday morning. My mom not only kept the kiddos occupied Saturday afternoon (and helped them with their costumes -- thank goodness!), but she kept D for a few hours yesterday, as well. E had a b-day party, and I had a couple more hours to work in peace.

...DH seems to have had a lovely trip. He said the weather was perfect, not only for riding during the day, but also for the camping out each night. And since we woke to rain spattering the windows (it's stopped now, but the wind is still blowing), I'm thinking our lovely weather is switching a bit.

How was your weekend? :) Happy Monday!